water channel

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water channel, condensation channel

A trough-like depression in the top of the interior sill of a glazed opening to collect and drain away condensed moisture which forms on the interior face of the glass.
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He said that the water channel was necessary as the existing water courses used for irrigation purposes were muddy that halted the flow of water.
Secondly, the existing water channels used for irrigation purpose are muddy that halt the flow of water.
All stakeholders' including Capital Development Authority (CDA), Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB), Chakalala Cantonment Board (CCB) and Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) have also turned a blind eye to repairing of the water channel.
Speaking to ANI, Kurmi, a farmer, said locals faced difficulties every day to commute as the bridge over the water channel joining the village with the mainland was damaged.
ABPEA's partnership with DENR dates back to June 2013 when it began rehabilitating the 1,404-meter Redemptorist Water Channel, stretching from Roxas Boulevard to Manila Bay.
According to Al Salah, the maintenance works included providing new water insulators for the VIP Halls 1 & 2 roof sinks, the upper and lower sinks and water channel, new flooring for the VIP Halls 1 & 2 sinks, the lower and upper sinks and water channel, inspecting the central water system electromechanical extensions and implementing new pumping system, filters and under-water lighting.
Hundreds of volunteers in the village gathered at the early hours on Saturday morning, with their tools and equipment to dig and clean the debris from the falaj, which means aqueduct or water channel in Arabic.
According to DPAC evaluation mentioned in its 'Recommendation Report' published on Jan 31, 2014, every land owner will be paid Rs4,054 per fruit tree, Rs1,118 per wild tree, Rs181,350 per tube-well, Rs57,492 per acre of standing crop and Rs75,449 per water channel irrigating the land.
In addition, the necessity to construct a water channel in Samarkandek village was underlined.
UPPER DIR -- People of Nihargah Lowari on Thursday staged a protest demonstration against NHA for its alleged refusal to pay compensation of crops to people affected in construction of Lowari Tunnel and road to Chitral and its failure to reconstruct a water channel it had allegedly destroyed during construction work.