water closet

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water closet, W.C.

water closet flush tank
1. A plumbing fixture used to receive human excrement and to discharge it through a waste pipe, using water as a conveying medium.
2. A room containing a water closet, 1.
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Daily Frequency of Use Estimation Male Female Urinal 2 0 Water closet 1 3 Source: Vickers (2001); USGBC (2007) The total daily estimated water use for water closets and urinals was 1050 gallons.
Although the study is loaded with disclaimers about the chaotic and unpredictable process of flushing toilets, the reality is that this is a well-orchestrated, long overdue, toe-to-toe comparison of water closets. It reinforces what we at BUILDER discovered recently when we looked into low-flow problems--that issues with water-saving toilet performance are brand specific, not universal.
* The existing water closet has been relocated to the adjacent wall in order to provide clear wheelchair access to the toilet.
The beautiful master bedroom is graced by a spacious walk-in closet and deluxe master bath with dual-sink vanity, large soaking tub, luxe glass-enclosed shower with seat, linen storage, and private water closet.
s3xually transmitted diseases (STD) can be gotten through casual or unprotected s3xual intercourse or through the public toilet (especially water closet i.e WC).
The conference "Outing the water closet," aims to reconsider and rebuild the public restroom.
The house itself consists of an entrance hall, sitting room, living room, kitchen/dining, utility and guest water closet.
The master baths feature elegant marble flooring and walls surrounding a platform tub deck, separate, frameless glass enclosed showers, private water closet and single or double sink sets.
Distance-controls people, TMIO, had a stove/refrigerator (try www.tmio.com for an explanation of that) and the world's largest water closet manufacturer, TOTO USA, whose output includes the slightly bewildering self-generating hydropower faucet (not another way of describing a genetically modified tap but one whose power supply is generated by a miniature water-powered turbine), washlets (the site is so coy about these streamlined water wands that it's not at all clear what they do and how they are used) and the NEOREST water closet.
As the audience laughed, Whiteley butted in to tell them: "It relates to the man who invented the water closet - Thomas Crapper."
The water closet is tucked away, out of sight from the owners' suite entrance.