water fern

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water fern,

common name for various species of aquatic fernsfern,
any plant of the division Polypodiophyta. Fern species, numbering several thousand, are found throughout the world but are especially abundant in tropical rain forests. The ferns and their relatives (e.g.
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Water ferns reveal the secret to underwater success: surface science.
In an upcoming issue of Water Research, Migliore's team reports that water ferns sop up even more of the drug--up to 1,000 ppm in their tissues.
Noteworthy exceptions to this appear to be the water ferns (Azollaceae, Salviniaceae, and Marsileaceae), which are reported to possess prominent apical cells with two cutting faces (Croxdale, 1978, 1979; von Guttenberg, 1966; Schmidt, 1978).