water filtration

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The removal of solids and/or bacteria from water by a mechanical process in which suspended solid contaminents are removed, e.g., by passing it through a filter bed, sieve, or the like.
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Moreover,the report further points out, there was no ownership of water filtration plants.
Traffic jam in front of the water filtration plant has been a routine.
He said that the PFA would check water filtration plants
'We have already installed dozens of water filtration plants in low-income neighbourhoods and villages.
The mayor directed the officers concerned to repair water filtration plant at Aabpara Market.
He said that presently there are 39 filtration plants in the city while approval for installation of 9 more water filtration plants have given.
Carbons oxidation and adsorption capabilities are well known and have been utilized in water filtration for over 100 years.
While, maintenance work on remaining water filtration plants is being completed on the war footing and will be completed in the next week, added sources.
WWF-Pakistan and CCBPL inaugurated water filtration plant in a local community of Lahore, as part of their project Increasing the Supply and Access to Safe Drinking Water.
The water filtration plant imported from Germany was set up at a cost of Rs 2.5 million.