water flea

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water flea:

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, primarily aquatic arthropod of the subphylum Crustacea. Most of the 44,000 crustacean species are marine, but there are many freshwater forms. The few groups that inhabit terrestrial areas have not been particularly successful in an evolutionary sense; most require
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The spiny water flea was discovered in the Great Lakes in the mid-1980s, likely introduced as a result of a dumping freighter.
Researchers found that when a population of parasite-infected water fleas was well-fed, some of them became highly contagious, compared with when food was limited.
Due to the spiny water flea, all lake users have to rethink how many fish "we are all taking.
BEYOND FISH Pyle and his colleagues have also shown effects of copper-mine runoff on leeches and water fleas.
The NC State researchers show that water fleas take up nitrates and nitrites and convert those chemicals into nitric oxide, which in turn causes developmental and reproductive problems - even at low concentrations.
While their work focuses on the water flea Daphnia, they note that all life in lakes requires calcium, and many creatures including crayfish, mollusks and fish have quite high calcium demands.
One cigarette butt in two liters of seawater will kill water fleas, a species used to test the toxicity of chemicals to aquatic invertebrates.
Rootless and adrift in its wetland habitat, the humped bladderwort (Utricularia gibba) preys on water fleas and other small invertebrates.
A team of scientists from Edinburgh University found that well-fed water fleas were more contagious than those given less to eat.
Zebra mussels, sea lampreys and fishhook water fleas are among the 180-plus invasive species that have found their way into the Great Lakes since the start of the 19th century.
The bug is a type of ostracod, which belongs to the same group of animals as water fleas and shrimps.
For example, Cortland Line Company's Flea Flicker line is a big help in lakes where spiny water fleas (Bythotrephes cederstroemi) are a problem.