water gain

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1. The upward penetration of a coloring pigment from a substrate through a topcoat of paint.
2. The oozing of grout from below a road-surfacing material to the surface in hot weather.
3. Exudation of one or more components of a sealant, with possible absorption by adjacent porous surfaces.
4. The autogenous flow of mixing water within, or its emergence from, newly placed concrete or mortar; caused by the settlement of the solid materials within the mass or by drainage of mixing water; also called water gain.
5. The diffusion of coloring matter through a coating from the substrate, or the discoloration that arises from such a process.
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Water Gain Tomboy doesn't require ties, but supports tomatoes with a circular holder and wire that move up the tomato stake as the plant grows taller.
Each phase was characterized by a diffusion coefficient and a water gain at the saturation point.
Average Daily Water Gains and Losses Water Gains Water Losses Sensible Sensible Fluids 1,100-1,800 mL Urine 1,200-1,800 mL Food 700-1,000 mL Stool 100-200 mL Perspiration 50 mL Insensible Insensible Oxidative metabolism 300-400 mL Lungs 400-600 mL Skin 500-600 mL Total 2,100-3,200 mL Total 2,250-3,200 mL Source: Heitz & Horne (2001); Whitmire (2001) Table 4.
Average soil water storage and precipitation storage efficiency for NT, MT, and SM treatments at Sidney, Montana Seasonal segment Fallow Method NT MT SM (*)LSD (0.05) Soil water gain mm After-harvest 35 35 31 NS Over-winter 47 48 48 NS Summer fallow 24 27 17 9 14-month fallow 107 109 95 12 Precipitation storage efficiency % After-harvest 38 38 32 NS Over-winter 58 59 59 NS Summer fallow 19 20 13 7 14-month fallow 35 36 30 4 * LSD-least significant difference at the 0.05 probability level; NS - not significantly different
In northwestern Canada, research in regions of continuous permafrost has shown that thermokarst lakes experience net water losses from evaporation in warm, dry years and net water gains in cool, wet years (Labrecque et al., 2009).
The City of Windhoek will next year become the first African city to host the bi-annual international conference on water reclamation and reuse as the use of recycled water gains momentum across the globe amid a water crisis brought about by the effects of climate change.
Part of the study will also be to analyze how many feet can be gained by dredging, how much dredging will increase the water supply and if the additional water gained is worth the money spent to expand the pond.
In geographical studies, deserts are regions wherein the average annual precipitation seldom exceeds more than 10 inches per year, and the amount of water lost to evapo-transpiration is much more than the amount of water gained by precipitation.
When the receding glacier detached from the ridge, sometime before the 1970s, the warm deep water gained access to deeper parts of the glacier.
Bottled water gained popularity in Pakistan during the mid-1990s when people began catching on to the trend of consuming healthy water and water supply in many urban areas was found to be contaminated.
I'm not sure if the river water gains any benefit from the whisky and would suggest that it would be a better ploy if it found its way into the waters after first meandering through the pourer's digestive system!
The top two gainers Fincorp and National Mineral Water gained 10 per cent and 9.46 per cent, respectively to close at RO3.300 and RO.301.