water gardening

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water gardening:

see hydroponicshydroponics,
growing of plants without soil in water to which nutrients have been added. Hydroponics has been used for over a century as a research technique, but not until 1929 were experiments conducted solely to determine its feasibility for growing commercial crops.
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The deal, which has immediate effect, will see OASE's existing water gardening operations in North America gradually merge with GeoGlobal Partners.
In 1993 the business expanded to include waterfall and water gardening products for both the retail and wholesale markets.
Hillfoot Aquaria is the retail outlet of water gardening specialist Anablep UK, which has built an enviable reputation for quality and affordability by passing savings from bulk purchasing directly onto the customer.
But those who try water gardening tend to stay with it.
You will find the staff very experienced and helpful and able to advise on any aspect relating to your water gardening and aquatic requirements.
Like most hobbies, container water gardening begins innocently enough, only gradually developing into a full-blown obsession.
Homeowners who want to "dive into" water gardening in a big way choose this flexible liner; they can create large, deep ponds that can hold many, and many varieties of, fish and plants.
It is the latest launch from the Guild of Master Craftsmen, adding to its existing portfolio of gardening titles including Water Gardening and Exotic & Greenhouse Gardening.
A leader in the water gardening category, GeoGlobal Partners provides innovative, easy-to-use products for water garden enthusiasts of all skill levels and the finest in new technology.
Well now's the perfect time, because Hillfoot Aquaria at Hunts Cross is holding a massive water gardening and aquatic stock clearance sale.
SANTA CLARITA - In the heat of the summer, water gardening is most appreciated.
Sales of gardening titles are expected to blossom this month with two launches -- a monthly magazine for water gardening enthusiasts from the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the return of the Country Life Gardens one shot from IPC Magazines.