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(i-mer -shŏn) Entry of a celestial body into a state of invisibility during an eclipse or occultation.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Immersion is a term used to describe the Sun or the Moon as it enters an eclipse. Sometimes the term is applied to occultations.

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The disappearance of a celestial body either by passing behind another or passing into another's shadow.
A mapping ƒ of a topological space X into a topological space Y such that for every xX there exists a neighborhood N of x, such that ƒ is a homeomorphism of N onto ƒ(N).
(science and technology)
Placement into or within a fluid, usually water.
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Students from Sunderland University head into the North Sea for cold water immersion therapy
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"Pregnant women can safely engage in: (1) exercise for up to 35 minutes at 80 to 90 percent of their maximum heart rate in 25 degrees Celsius and 45 percent relative humidity (RH); (2) water immersion (≤33.4 degrees Celsius) exercise for up to 45 minutes; and (3) sitting in hot baths (40 degrees Celsius) or hot/dry saunas (70 degrees Celsius; 15 percent RH) for up to 20 minutes, irrespective of pregnancy stage, without reaching a core temperature exceeding the teratogenic threshold," the authors write.
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On the basis of the shear strength data before water immersion treatment, multilinear regression showed a statistically significant relationship between shear strength and recycled polyol and the NCO/OH molar ratio as follows:
The triathletes were able to maintain a higher power output 9 hrs after CWI than thermoneutral water immersion. While similar in design to the present study, the use of different exercises for the fatigue inducing exercise and performance test and the shorter time period between CWI and the performance measure account for contradictory results.
Because the predominant toxin found in lionfish venom is heat labile, the mainstay of therapy is centered on hot water immersion of the affected area.
Typically a complete system could be set-up to provide ultrasonic immersion defluxing in stage one, ultrasonic immersion degreasing in stage two, mains water immersion and spray rinse in stage three, rust preventative spray rinse in stage four, mains water spray rinse in stage five, phosphate spray in stage six, mains water rinse in stage seven and then hot air drying in stages eight and nine.
The effectiveness of the graphene coating was evaluated by water immersion testing and observing the differences between uncoated and coated glass.
reported increased distance ran in 30 minutes by 304 m (+ 4%) in a warm humid environment (31.6[degrees]C, 60% rh) after water immersion (24[degrees]C) (15).