water mill

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1. To remove metal by a circular tool having teeth, as by use of a milling machine. 2. A machine for rolling plates, shapes, rails, etc. See bark mill, bolting mill, gristmill, sawmill, textile mill, tide mill, water mill, windmill.
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"As we are one of only two working water mills in Birmingham.
In the 19th century the mill was remodelled by Lady Waterford of Ford and now it is the only working water mill in Northumberland.
Among sponsors of the event are The Water Mill Square, Honest Tea, Fabinjection, Green Thumb Organic Farm, Hunt & Light, Blesk Jewelry, and Jason's Vineyard.
Mike Kilgannon had spent more than pounds 700,000 renovating Rossett water mill during the past 40 years but said he could not keep up with demands from his mortgage company, even putting the mill on eBay in an attempt to pay off the debts.
Records show there has been a water mill at Warwick Castle since the 11th century.
"We will be moving to a model whereby we are no longer running these water mills and steam plants by ourselves we have someone else do it for us.
You might even want to plan your trip for a Saturday night and attend the Water Mill Opry located right across the road from the mill in the old general store that the Sciples family ran for decades.
Sheila found records showing that their home had last been used as a water mill in 1914 and after that it was used as farm buildings for many years before falling derelict and into disrepair.
HEAD Over The Hill To Tocketts Mill, the title of a walk at 1pm on September 16 when you can join countryside officers to see the area's last working water mill run by a team of dedicated volunteers.
WHAT TO EXPECT Small hotel on edges of the Cambridgeshire fens created from an 18th century water mill and a cluster of wooden barns.
Peter Houtenbos, a Dutch citizen living in Water Mill, New York after a civil action was brought against Houtenbos claiming battery, assault and infliction of emotional distress.
China's Han Dynasty created a prosperous empire from 206 BCE to CE 221, promoting a less harsh society than that of their Quin predecessors and developing technological advancements from the water mill to stoneware and paper.