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Water Rail


(Rallus aquaticus), a bird of the family Rallidae. Length, approximately 30 cm. The feathers on the back are clay-brown with dark longitudinal markings, and the breast is a grayish light blue.

The water rail is a migratory bird. In the USSR it nests in the southern and central band from the western border to Primor’e; it winters in Transcaucasia and the south of Middle Asia. The bird lives in reed thickets near bodies of water. There are 6-10 mottled eggs in a clutch. The water rail is nocturnal and feeds mainly on aquatic invertebrates.

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However at close quarters water rails really are distinctive and attractive birds, as John Money's fine photo perfectly illustrates.
Bitterns (Botaurus stellaris) and Water Rails (Rallus aquaticus) showed a preference for artificial nests located inside the reeds.
"We want your help to find out exactly what lives in the wetlands - from water rails and warblers to moths and dragonflies.
"Half of the area's diminutive and secretive reed bed-dwelling water rails also call this place home."
This natural occurrence becomes a real wildlife spectacle as the more secretive birds and creatures that normally live there, like wetland birds water rails and snipe, harvest mice, and water voles.
These have included moor hens and water rails - refugees from ponds and wetlands which have frozen over.
RSPB Conwy's bittern has been seen again, but remains elusive - though the normally shy water rails have continued to show off to photographers here.
"For me, the highlight of the series was probably filming nesting water rails. It stank, and I was covered in mud, but I got brilliant footage when the birds were repairing the nest.
A vigil in the south Pool hide can also be rewarding, with regular appearances of Water Rails foraging among the wet vegetation, and a Bittern regularly edging out into view at the edge of the reeds.
Situated just off the A55, RSPB Conwy is home to numerous species, from water rails and warblers to moths and dragonflies, and as dusk descends visitors can often experience starling murmurations.
However, Saltholme's dawn chorus will also be a bit special, as a chorus of wetland birds such as sedge warblers, reed buntings and water rails will be tuning up in the reed bed.
However, Conwy RSPB managed to produce an increasing number of sand martin, swallows and willow warblers, while water rails and a kingfisher were present.

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