water skiing

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water skiing

water skiing, sport of riding on skis along the water's surface while being towed by a motorboat. It probably originated on the French Riviera in the early 1920s, and was known in the United States by 1927. The American Water Ski Association, founded in 1939, held the first national championships that year. In recreational water skiing, the type of ski, length of tow rope, and speed of the boat vary with individual taste. In championship competitions, skis of hickory, ash, fiberglass, or aluminum are used. They must be at least 393-8 in. (1 m) long and not more than about 93-4 in. (25 cm) wide. There are usually three events in water ski tournaments: slalom, jumping, and trick riding. In the slalom the skiers must ski outside each of a staggered series of buoys. In jumping, contestants are towed over an inclined wooden ramp about 21 ft (6 m) long and 6 ft (1.8 m) high; jumps of 150 ft (46 m) from the point of takeoff have been recorded. In trick riding, contestants choose their own routines, many of them remarkably intricate. The World Water Ski Union (founded 1949) sponsors biennial international tournaments. Wakeboarding, which has similarities to snowboarding (see skiing), is gaining in popularity.


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It's a show for all Lebanon." For Chiha, water skiing in Lebanon is more than just a hobby.
personally came to Oman and encouraged us to introduce water skiing here and insisted that we make Oman an international destination for the sport." Majid and Hafidh, who are also involved with Oman Sail, are the only two qualified water ski judges in Oman, while the other three members have coaching certificates from the IWWF.
Water skiing related injuries have been well documented and can range from small contusions and lacerations to fractures and spinal cord damage (Hostetler, 2005).
Check the services office to see if it offers water skiing safety courses [See "Safety Tips," this page].
Society spokesman Dan James said: ``The water skiing club claim they have a right to use Llyn Geirionydd because of their ownership of a small area of the shoreline.
Our attempt at water skiing was like something out of an episode of Some Mothers Do Have 'Em.
"After that," says one veteran Mississippi water skier, "it's like walking on water." The strange and novel sensations of water skiing lure 40 million Americans to lakes and reservoirs each year.
Also enjoy snow skiing and water skiing, traveling back roads and byways looking for old cameras, tools and unusual machines."
In central Chile, the landscape is shadowed by the Andean mountains and active volcanoes--more than 1,000--and the ground trembles constantly Pucon offers water skiing on Lake Villarica when it's hot, and snowboarding down the towering volcano--which steams, of course--when it's cold.
I have tried water skiing before on the sea and that was difficult.
Water skiing is for everybody--even those with physical disabilities.
You let them not only dream of water skiing in Florida.