water spotting

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water spotting, white spots

White marks which are left on a paint film when droplets of water evaporate, or as a result of sealing in moisture.
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Water spotting is a defect that usually is due to contaminants in rain or other water that falls on a coating, but spotting is worse and is more likely to be permanent if the coating is softened by water.
I used his first method with the cotton balls, and though it was effective, 1 ran into a lot of water spotting after it had dried.
* Work in the shade and dry each component after you rinse it to avoid water spotting.
It's the worst fabric for yachts because of sun rot and fading and water spotting. Instead, I choose Sunbrella acrylic fibers, commercial-grade Trivera CS polyester fabrics or other acrylic-polyester blends.
This interior paint provides exceptional hide, coverage, durability and washability with outstanding scrub, stain, block, water spotting and burnish resistance.
The newly-painted units are thus exposed almost immediately to the elements, so as to maintain factory throughput, and the previous paint system was giving rise to serious water spotting problems, leading to necessary repainting work and consequent production delays.
Miles says heat transfers won this application by outperforming competitive technologies in both visual appeal and resistance to wear, abrasion, fading, chemicals, acids, washing, water spotting, and cold cracking.