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A report in the application says: "The water tower is currently unoccupied and in a state of disuse.
'I urge the county government in partnership with the Kenya Water Tower Agency to join hands and revive the springs,' the ward representative said.
News Everton Water Tower - a lamdark visible from all around the city, also below Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY
For more information on the water tower, and to view the full auction catalogue, go to the auctioneer's websitehere.
The decorated water tower will serve as a monument for AUC and a landmark for the whole New Cairo neighborhood.
The old metal water towers on the north side of Interstate 40 have caught people's attention over the years for their hot and cold tank labels.
The converted water tower comes with an eye-watering PS1.5 million price-tag.
NCC AB (STO:NCCB) announced on Friday that it is going to build the new water tower in Helsingborg under a SEK270m order.
The Water Tower Mural by Pete Fowler will today be wrapped around the water tower just outside Cardiff Central Station
The water tower, built in the 1960s, was used by Yorkshire Water until it was decommissioned and put up for sale by auction.
But after being alerted Towering achievement: PS300,000 was spent on the conversion work to its residential potential, and the fact that it had been designed by worldfamous architect Edwin Lutyens, they sold the cottage and set to converting the water tower, all under the watchful eye of Kevin McCloud.
Sixteen-year-old narrator Max Cobb and four of his classmates fall for a prank that leaves them looking guilty on top of a just-vandalized school water tower when the security guard turns on the spotlight.