watering place

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watering place

1. a place where drinking water for men or animals may be obtained
2. Brit a spa
3. Brit a seaside resort

Watering Place


an area with facilities for watering animals. Watering places are constructed in pastures and along cattle-driving routes. A level site is chosen. The area is planned with a grade of 0.05 from the water source (a well, pond, river, lake, reservoir, or canal) so that the water will not go stale, and the area is strengthened by a gravel and sand fill or paved with stone. Convenient approaches at least 3 m wide are made for animals. Watering places are equipped with water-raising engines if the water does not enter the area by gravity, a reservoir for a water supply with a capacity of at least one day’s needs, and troughs for drinking. Mobile watering places are also used, consisting of a cistern on a trailer and an automatic drinking bowl. The distance between watering places in pastures varies with the pastures’ feeding capacity, pasturage systems, type of animal, and relief of the locality, and it must not exceed the allowable distance for a drive from one watering place to another (2-8 km). Along cattle-driving routes, this distance must not exceed the animals’ speed of movement (for example, not more than 15 km per 24 hours for sheep).


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LEAMINGTON Spa Art Gallery & Museum is celebrating 200 years of the Royal Pump Rooms, with an exhibition from May 3 entitled A First Class Watering Place.
The medieval watering place by the Sowe now forms the end of a post-war housing estate just off Chace Avenue.
His travels through Europe led to reporting on the unsanitariness of watering places in France.
Poet Horace Smith (1779-1849) called Brighton "The Queen of Watering Places," still widely used, and no doubt Boro fans will put that claim to the test.
Focusing first on the capital, then roaming through what is now known as Tunisia, he discusses such matters as the bornous of the Prophet, the palaces of the bey, life and customs of good society in Tunis, in the ghetto, the administration of justice and the state of prisons in capital and province, the harbor and watering places of Goletta, the Medsherda Valley and its town, habits and life of the Berbers, the holy town of Kerwan, woman's life amongst the nomads, and the oases of southern Tunis.
The current line of thinking goes like this: Ever-shrinking bird habitat plus unusually warm, dry spring weather forces birds and mosquitoes to share the same watering places.
Imagine the names we might have if we let just anybody name our watering places.
But we passed surprisingly few watering places on the way and, opting for the scenic route,ended up in the Tal-y-Cafnin the Conwy Valley.
With the Restoration of 1660, a striking increase in watering places occurred, dotting the map of England profusely except for Comwall and the far north.
Specifically, the core activities of the project are installing hand-pumped wells that serve as the watering places for the livestock, cultivating pasture and encouraging the effective use of it, and devising ways for herders to make a living besides livestock raising (livelihood diversification).
Contract notice: Installation of lightning conductors, water drainage and water supply, including watering places and solar photovoltaic sets for production of electricity from renewable resources of energy on pastures in state ownership for the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.