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option 2: urinals - bidders will propose waterless urinals.
Examples are waterless urinals and showers that will capture used water and reuse this for functions such as flushing toilets.
1 dual-flush diaphragms, as well as installing waterless urinals in place of 25 conventional 1 gpf urinals.
The school is designed to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, and minimizes wastewater by utilizing water-efficient landscaping, low-volume flush toilets and waterless urinals.
For instance, waterless urinals are a marvel of technology that has revolutionized the sanitary ware industry.
It has been fully modernised with facilities including children's computer screens at some tables, various types of seating to suit tradesmen, families and business meetings and even waterless urinals.
With bathrooms becoming more eco-friendly and user-friendly, fixtures including cisterns, waterless urinals, faucets, and showers are being designed to provide more comfort and utility to end-users.
Despite facing a massive failure by introducing the scheme of waterless urinals, BJP run North MCD has once again started dreaming of constructing hi- end toilet blocks in 150 sites on the BOT basis -- the same method used for the construction of the waterless urinals.
Waterless urinals installed in the restrooms help save over 400,000 gallons of water per year.
Starwood also maximised all of the points available for water reduction by renovating the bathrooms and installing waterless urinals, low-flow faucets and fixtures, and dual flush toilets.
To enable companies to reduce their carbon emissions, and therefore their utility bills, Farnek recommends installing A/C modules and energy-efficient A/C units, timers and LED lights, parking lights, roof insulation, waterless urinals, water tap aerators, reduced flow shower heads and employ economical car and van washes.
While dual flushing systems and sensors help reduce wastage of water, waterless urinals, a new concept from Roca, have contributed significantly to an estimated total saving of 0.