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(naval architecture)
The intersection of the surface of the water with the side of a ship.
A line painted on the hull of a ship showing the level of the water when the ship is properly trimmed.
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(also shoreline), the line of contact between the water surface of a body of water—such as a lake, river, or sea—and a dry land surface, or shore. The height and shape of a waterline vary owing to fluctuations in the level and changes in the nature of the shore that result from erosion, abrasion, or human activity.

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Inside a cistern, the highest water level to which the ball valve should be adjusted to shut off.
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waterline (WL)

waterline (WL)
A system of aircraft location designation. The water line is the measurement of height in inches perpendicular from a horizontal plane located a fixed number of inches below the bottom of the aircraft fuselage.
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