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plant: see Venus's-flytrapVenus's-flytrap,
insectivorous or carnivorous bog plant (Dionaea muscipula) native to the Carolina savannas and now widely cultivated as a novelty. The leaves, borne in a low rosette, resemble bear traps.
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the simplest hydraulic engine, driven by the power of flowing water. The waterwheel has been used since the most ancient times in the irrigation systems of Egypt, India, China, and other countries, and later for driving water mills, machinery, and devices used in small-scale production. Its major shortcomings are low power, low frequency of rotation, inefficiency, and bulkiness.

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(mechanical engineering)
A vertical wheel on a horizontal shaft that is made to revolve by the action or weight of water on or in containers attached to the rim.
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And so, the farmers of Swabi still relive the age-old cultural tradition of waterwheels, having converted their operation into something of a competitive race.
"We also use the waterwheel and dynamo to support outreach to schools as part of the Stem programme," adds Coverdale.
An undershot waterwheel is mounted above the mill race with the bottom of the wheel in the water.
as he lifts the dome from one of the drinking-water wells for the Waterwheel Village mobile home park and the Country Pantry Restaurant.
During its stay on the Tyne, Flow's giant waterwheel generated power to drive electro-acoustic musical machinery which made a range of sounds in response to the changing tides.
Kilbeggan Distillery has seen the increase over the last year following a marketing investment and the restoration of its iconic waterwheel at its HQ.
Mahlon amazed me by saying about a year and a half previous he, along with help, completely rebuilt the large waterwheel.
"We want our 40th birthday to reflect and celebrate all the activity this historic place has seen over the last few decades, from its opening days to getting the magnificent waterwheel working in the eighties to visits from Royalty to free admission in the past few years."
extinct: spelled across, first row; adapt: spelled across, fourth row; meteor: spelled across, sixth row; erupt: spelled diagonally, first row and column; magma: spelled downward, first column; prey: spelled downward, fourth column; comet: spelled downward, sixth column; trust: spelled backward, last column Fun Fact: waterwheel plant
He is equally informative about surviving machinery, such as the wonderful, huge Laxey waterwheel on the Isle of Man.
The 18th century mill preserves period features including the waterwheel and includes the internal machinery in the enormous living room.