wave optics

Wave optics

The branch of optics which treats of light (or electromagnetic radiation in general) with explicit recognition of its wave nature. The counterpart to wave optics is ray optics or geometrical optics, which does not assume any wave character but treats the propagation of light as a straight-line phenomenon except for changes of direction induced by reflection or refraction. See Electromagnetic radiation, Geometrical optics, Optics

Any optical phenomenon which is correctly describable in terms of geometrical optics can also be correctly described in terms of wave optics. However, the many phenomena of interference, diffraction, and polarization are incontrovertible evidence of the wave nature of light, and geometrical optics often gives an incomplete or incorrect description of the behavior of light in an optical system. This is especially true if changes of refractive index occur within a space which is of the order of several wavelengths of the light. See Diffraction, Interference of waves, Polarized light

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wave optics

[′wāv ‚äp·tiks]
The branch of optics which treats of light (or electromagnetic radiation in general) with explicit recognition of its wave nature.
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Even if you work with wave optics, you have to eventually get back to ray tracing to build the system.'
It describes the theory of classical optics, including geometrical and wave optics and concepts of quantum and statistical optics, then presents general optical components and case studies of three practical optical systems that comprise commonly used optical elements: confocal microscopes, online cophasing optical systems for segmented mirrors, and adaptive optics systems.
The main goal of the study was to design a conformal lens that works simultaneously in two different regimes: the geometry optics regime, in which light is treated as a particle, and the wave optics regime, which also accounts for the wave-like properties of light.
* Wave Optics Module--This module allows users to analyze electromagnetic wave propagation in optically large structures, such as optical fibers and sensors, bidirectional couplers, plasmonic devices, metamaterials, laser beam propagation, and non-linear optical components.
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Galileo knew nothing of light from a point source diffracting through a circular aperture and couldn't know that the sizes he measured were due to wave optics and didn't reflect the stars' dimensions.
The rich field of neutron wave optics is, as ever, good for surprises.
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