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(hardware, music)
A type of sound generator often built in a sound card. A wavetable contains digitised samples of real instrument sounds or effect (FX) sounds. A wavetable chip often also contains a drum kit sound to faciliate rhythm accompaniment.

A recorded wavetable sound may be edited and enhanced by various effects (reverb, chorus) and layered with other waveforms before writing it to ROM or RAM. The latter type serves as user sound memory.

A wavetable generator is typically controlled by MIDI input. When a MIDI note-on signal is detected, the output part of a wavetable generator generates a sound with definitive pitch, typically a musical note.

Wavetable sounds are used in games and music. The more realistic wavetable sounds have all but replaced the earlier synthetic FM (frequency modulation) sound generation in sound cards but to ensure compatibility with older games etc., an FM part is usually included.

The best known wavetable sound generators includes the E-mu 8000 chip, used in Creative Labs' Sound Blaster AWE-32 card family and in E-mu keyboards. Other wavetable cards are Gravis Ultra-Sound (GUS), ESS Cards, Opti, Zoltrix and many Roland cards.

E-Mu. AWE-32. Creative Labs.


A group of sampled sound waves used in MIDI. See wavetable synthesis and MIDI.
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wherein Np is the number of points in the wavetable, St is the sampling period and p is the period of the signal to be generated.
Several models of Compaq's multimedia home PCs now come equipped with exclusive TrueQ Audio & Motion, a powerful collection of sound and video technology that is based on MPEG (Motion Picture Expert's Group) video, 3-D Spatialized sorround sound, high-fidelity speakers, and wavetable synthesis audio technology.
They bought a Zeos Pantera, a 90 MHz Pentium with 16 MB RAM, 850 MB IDE hard disk, 64-bit video card with 2 MB RAM, 15[inches] monitor, 16-bit, 44 KHz wavetable synthesis audio card, and a 4x CD-ROM drive.
As a complete audio subsystem, the BAE incorporates a wavetable synthesiser, mixer, sample rate converter, digital audio player and support for MIDI, SP-MIDI, Mobile XMF, Mobile DLS, RMF, WAV, MP3, AAC and AMR-WB file formats.
A high-fidelity, wavetable (better than FM synthesis) sound card offers excellent audio and features a very high signal-to-noise ratio.
Me double-speed PacRIM Labs CyberMan CD is remarkable for including a 16-bit, 44-KHz, wavetable synthesis chip and a 256 K buffer in the CD-ROM - which is multisession-capable and also plays CD-i discs.
You're going to see a lot more wavetable, audio and improved speakers."
Wavetable - if the card has a wavetable, it can imitate virtually any musical instrument.
The PCs come with a Pentium III processor, Ultra DMA hard drives, Diamond PCI 56Kb/s ITU V.90 modem and a Yamaha soft synthesizer wavetable. Compaq's Internet solution comprises of one month's free AOL UK membership with a free 100 hour online trial of AOL UK and GBP 50 cash back if customers stay online for six months, a pay-as-you-go method of accessing the Internet through BT Click, Compaq's Internet set-up wizard and Compaq's Easy Access Internet Keyboard.
MPC-2 MPC-3 PC 95 Consumer System Processor type 486SX Pentium 486DX2 Processor speed 25 MHz 75 MHz 66 MHz RAM 4 MB 8 MB 8 MB Hard disk capacity 160 MB 540 MB not specified Hard disk access time not specified 15 ms not specified CD-ROM transfer rate 300 KB/sec 600 KB/sec 300 KB/sec CD-ROM access time 400 ms 250 msec 400 msec Audio specs 16-bit 16-bit 16-bit 8 note wavetable sampling synthesizer synthesizer recommended Video playback not specified MPEG1 MPEG1 playback socketing Table 1: Specifications for Multimedia Systems MPC-3 does not replace the two former specifications, even though they are absolutely useless today.
For increased realism, it is recommended that one's computer have at least 8MB of RAM as well as a sound card that offers wavetable synthesis.
"The Pentium-based PC running Windows 95 will become the ultimate gaming platform with the addition of integrated 3D multimedia accelerators like the Diamond Edge 3D, which offer 3D, 2D, video and wavetable audio on a single card."