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(civil engineering)
The tracks and sliding timbers used in launching a vessel.
The building slip or space upon which the sliding timbers or ways, supporting a vessel to be launched, travel.
(mechanical engineering)
Bearing surfaces used to guide and support moving parts of machine tools; may be flat, V-shaped, or dovetailed.
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social navigation

The crowdsourcing of events such as highway accidents and traffic jams in real time from ordinary drivers to enhance navigational directions. See Waze.


(Wide Area Information Server) A database on the Internet that contains indexes to documents that reside on the Internet. Using the Z39.50 query language, text files can be searched based on keywords. Information resources on the Internet are called "sources." See Archie and Gopher.


A mapping and navigation application for mobile devices from Google. Waze provides real-time traffic updates that are crowdsourced by drivers on the road, which is known as "social navigation." The Waze app sends current traffic data to the cloud so that slow traffic and traffic jams are taken into account when calculating a route for other Waze users traveling in that direction.

Founded as community-based FreeMap Israel, Waze Mobile was formed in 2008 by Ehud Shabtai to commercialize the project. Google acquired Waze Mobile in 2013, and Waze augments Google Maps with up-to-date information. See Google Maps, crowdsourcing and GPS.

The Waze App
Also accepting voice commands, Waze makes it easy to submit traffic jams, accidents and other events while driving.

The Waze App
Also accepting voice commands, Waze makes it easy to submit traffic jams, accidents and other events while driving.
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Each contains something in itself as an object, though not each in the same way. In presentation something is presented, in judgment something is acknowledged or rejected, in love something is loved, in hatred hated, in desire desired, and so on.
It is held that knowledge of the outer world is constituted by the relation to the object, while the fact that knowledge is different from what it knows is due to the fact that knowledge comes by way of contents.
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