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The Cowboys must get an early lead and then use their strong ground attack to wear down Burbank.
It took an entire match to wear down Mexican goalkeeper Linnea Quinones, and by the time the United States was finished with the former San Diego State standout, she was all smiles despite the Americans' 3-0 victory at the Rose Bowl on Sunday.
He was supposed to dazzle Ike Quartey with his once-in-a-lifetime skills, wear down the challenger and then knock him out in the late rounds, or so many believed.
Remember, in Europe troops fought over the same few miles for most of the war until America joined the allies and helped wear down the Germans.
On older cars, front steering and shock absorbers can wear down gradually, he said.
We have to be aware of the way it affects personnel, because you tend to wear down a lot faster and we must keep everyone hydrated.
They must use their one advantage, size, to wear down the Blues.