weather check

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1. A groove that is cut along the underside of a projecting member (for example, under a belt course) to prevent rainwater from running back across it toward the wall; also called a drip molding.
2. Same as chimney throat.
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For example, weather checks may occur more frequently in fire-killed trees as a result of the drying effect of fire, especially in smaller, thin barked trees or upper logs of larger trees (Kimmey 1955).
So when our afternoon online weather check said the temperature would drop 10 degrees between 2 p.m.
Handy for a quick weather check, but fails to inject much interest into a dull subject.
* Take a weather check at to be sure conditions are ideal for your getaway of choice.
"Now I've got this global weather check," he revealed.
The investigation found that the Hawk pilot had returned earlier than anticipated to the base after a weather check flight.
Spots of rain were falling by the last race yesterday, and Derby said: "We shall walk the course shortly and then take another weather check.
He then lost sight of the accident airplane and, although he radioed the other pilot for a weather check, there was no reply.
A quick post-flight weather check at Denver revealed the ceilings in Grand Junction had been below 1,000 feet for at least 12 hours.
Henry, our 339th Fighter Group Commander, entered the control tower when I took off for the weather check. I know he went there to give me all the support he could.
Like any caddie worth his salt, Sid Wormald won't be drawn on a final opinion until taking a weather check.