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Web browser

[′web ‚brau̇z·ər]
(computer science)
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web browser

(World-Wide Web)
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Web browser

The application program that serves as the on-ramp to the World Wide Web, which along with video streaming are the two major services on the Internet. In order to view a website, its address (URL), such as www.computerlanguage.com, is typed into the browser's search box, and the site's home page is retrieved. The home page includes links to other pages on the site as well as to pages on other sites (see hypertext). Browsers for smartphones are designed to accommodate the smaller screens (see mobile Web browser).

The Most Important Application Ever
No other software application provides the user with more possibilities than the Web browser. It is the pathway to a billion websites that inform and entertain and make available the good, bad, right and wrong and everything in between the world has to offer.

Browsers Have Similar and Different Features
All browsers store the URLs of frequently used pages (favorites), and tabs keep multiple pages open for quick access. See URL and tabbed browsing.

The most popular browsers as of 2020 are Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. There are lesser known favorites such as Brave, Vivaldi and Opera, each with their own personality. All browsers can be set to stop third parties from tracking behavior and many have options to avoid ads. Every browser worth its salt supports Windows, Mac and mobiles, and all browsers can be enhanced with add-ons (see browser extension).

Browsers Execute Programs
Browsers generally work the same but if the browser is not in sync with the coding on a website, it can exhibit different behavior, and browsers not updated for years may have problems. All Web pages are embedded with some amount of programming code, and some Web apps are full-blown programs like the ones users install in their own computers. There is little a local app can do that a Web app cannot.

Web Browser History
In 1993, the Mosaic browser put the Web on the map, but by the mid-1990s, Netscape Navigator had 80% of the market. Vying for top spot, Netscape and Internet Explorer (IE) constantly added features that fragmented websites into competing camps. In the early days, one often found sites with notices such as "Best Viewed in Netscape" or "Best Viewed in Internet Explorer." IE soon trumped Netscape but eventually lost market share to competing browsers. See World Wide Web, Mosaic, Internet Explorer, Edge browser, Opera browser, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome browser, Brave browser, Vivaldi browser, hyperlink, HTML and microbrowser.

The Browser Advantage
Instead of maintaining several locally installed applications, the support staff only has to keep the browser current.
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Mozilla continues to stay competitive with the Quantum versions of its Firefox web browser. The first version of Firefox Quantum was released in November and is touted as being (https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/11/14/introducing-firefox-quantum/) "over twice as fast" as the older version of the browser.
To streamline the process of implementing web browser security policies we created a prototype version of a user-friendly, multi-web-browser, and multi-platform toolset named Open Browser GP.
After 20 years of competing against rival web browsers, Microsoft is gearing up to launch its own alternative to its once-dominant Internet surfing program.
In Figure 1, the web browser displays a web document, 'a.html" to the web user.
Google Inc will pay $17 million to settle allegations by 37 states and the District of Colombia that it secretly tracked Web users by placing special digital files on the Web browsers of their smartphones.
RockMelt has as its financial backer Web browser Marc Andreessen, who has established himself as one of Silicon Valley's top venture capitalists since first making his mark as a co-founder of Netscape Communications, the report added.
PocketLintreports that "one of its trusted sources" said Facebook is interested in buying Opera Software, the company behind the Opera web browser.
"People care about the site, and not about the web browser. They just want to have the best experience," he said.
The most important thing to realise about Web browser client software, he says, is that it is designed to access a variety of Web sites, typically using Port 80 for regular HTTP access, and Port 443 for HTTPS access.
The company said that more than 70 websites and global brands have created experiences to show off the capabilities of the new web browser. The new browser, according to the company, delivers a fast, clean and secure online experience that takes full advantage of its Windows 7 operating system.
Spooked by the use of an Internet Explorer exploit to attack Google and other firms in China, France and Germany are both urging their citizens to stop using Microsoft's Web browser. <p>This argument is sure to meet friction from Microsoft as it already has from others, including my colleague Tony Bradley.
20 November 2009 - Norwegian web browser technology developer Opera Software ASA (OSL: OPERA) said today it has renewed two agreements with US group Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) to integrate Google as default search engine in Opera browsers.