web mail

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web mail

An electronic mail user agent that is accessible on the web (via HTTP). HoTMail was one of the first (bought by Microsoft), Google's GMail is another popular example.
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(1) A common term for a Web-based email service such as Yahoo! Mail and Google's Gmail. See email interfaces.

(2) An earlier name for Netscape's Web-based email service, later named Netscape Mail (www.netscape.com).
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For instance, Web mail can be practical to physicians who come to work at a long-term care setting because a lot of times that is their mail client back at the office.
Meanwhile Google, which analysts say is a potential competitor to Apple as the search engine giant moves into new sectors, has launched a version of its Gmail web mail application for the iPad.
Re-using banking user names and passwords at less-secure Web mail and social networking sites allow criminals to acquire personal information they then test on financial services Web sites, the company said.
Select Hosted Hourly Desktop features include: Microsoft Hosted Windows Desktops; Microsoft Office 2007; Microsoft SharePoint for office file sharing; QuickBooks or Peachtree hosting with DataVault; Microsoft Exchange E-mail via web mail; iPhone and BlackBerry Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync; and access on any device, regardless of the location.
<p>So said Yahoo executives during a press conference on Monday during which they announced enhancements to Yahoo's search engine, Web mail and instant messaging products, three areas that Yahoo considers key to its success.
Turnover is up on last year, with the web mail order side of the business proving to be a lucrative part of the venture, currently representing around 10% of total turnover and projected to double over the next 12 months.
In addition, the ProxyAV 210 appliances provide inline malware detection for Web-based threats that are hidden behind user credentials, such as web mail, file downloads and social networking sites.
Our Web mail workaround meant a lot of back and forth between the old Outlook and the Web mail program, negatively impacting productivity, but at least we were able to continue with day-to-day activities.
By contrast, Google thinks a takeover by Microsoft of Yahoo would raise far more antitrust concerns because the combined company could corner large chunks of multiple markets, from Web mail to instant messaging, the person said.
Do customers need to log in to view their Web mail? Define what is really important to customers and see how that matches up to the company's goals.
But, ironically, ESG says there are still some organizations that do not inspect such obvious and well-documented leak points as web mail and instant messaging communications.