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a broadcast of an event over the World Wide Web
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(1) See Webinar.

(2) To send live audio or video to the user from a website. It is the Internet counterpart to traditional radio and TV broadcasting. See Internet radio and Internet TV.

(3) To send selected Web-based information (text, graphics, audio, video, etc.) to Internet users based on individual requirements. See push technology.
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But Media Platform's Newman says that this is changing now that enterprise webcasters have achieved live webcasting proficiency at scale.
Presumably, the difference in outcomes is attributable at least partly to the fact that the CRB's determination was broadly applicable across webcasters, whereas the PCAOB's actions against Beckstead and Watts involved an individual enforcement action.
But as the current debate over [section] 114(i) reveals, even today, the fact that the provision was enacted at the expense of webcasters like Pandora, and could still work to their detriment in the long run, is not well understood.
Plus, we made it really affordable so that every webcaster can pick one up without sticker shock.
Charles Zhang, topper of online giant Sohu, said that piracy needs to be overcome if the webcasters are to realize their full potential.
This website is designed to cater to the needs of event-driven webcasters, and those for whom a monthly commitment might not be suitable.
(216.) For example, the imposition of a compulsory license on webcasters under the Digital Performance Right in Sound Recording Act put at least two hundred webcasters out of business within two weeks of the Librarian of Congress's final order.
A NASA-sponsored team of scientists, social-media experts, telescope technicians, students, and webcasters journeyed to the 13,800-foot summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii to view and share with the world this last-in-a-lifetime show.
It features a built-in adaptive video encoder, so webcasters only need their camera, and are no longer required to carry a separate encoder for content streaming.
The new Abacast Clarity Digital Radio System is an integrated suite of software and services designed for both radio station groups and Internet webcasters. It consists of products and services needed for profitable digital radio including: Ad Insertion System (AIS), a scheduling, targeting, reporting and insertion system for in-stream audio ads, pre-roll video ads and rotating banner ads; Premier Player, an Adobe Flash-based player to engage and grow audiences via song ratings, station communications and Facebook and Twitter integration; mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices; Abacast Ad Sales Network, a group of national ad sales partners; analytics for audience measurement; royalty reporting; and a streaming/hosting network.