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(World-Wide Web)
(Commonly "blog") Any kind of diary published on the World-Wide Web, usually written by an individual (a "blogger") but also by corporate bodies. Blogging is regarded by some as an important social phenomenon as it contributes to the easy exchange of ideas among a large and growing international community ("the blogosphere").

The home page usually shows the most recent article and links to earlier articles, the owner's profile and web logs written by the owner's friends. There is usually a facility for readers to add comments to the bottom of articles.

There are many sites like http://blogger.com/ where you can create a blog for free. Many web logs consist almost entirely of links to other web logs, some publish original content, a few are worth reading.
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Web log

(1) See blog.

(2) A file that contains the transactions and activity on a website. See Web analytics.
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In the process of weblog writing weblogger must always renew himself/herself.
In Table 1, "O" shows the implementation of the writing performance exam, which consists of a pre-test and posttest; "[X.sub.1]" shows the implementation of writing performance in an "individual weblog environment"; [X.sub.2] shows the implementation of cooperative weblog-integrated writing instruction environment based on blended instructional design in experimental groups; and [X.sub.3] shows the implementation of face-to-face writing instruction in control groups.
It is the first time that weblogs Zoover and Griekenland.net work together with a Greek or European Municipality for its promotion.
Shin uses interactional sociolinguistics to do a microanalysis of the focal students' interactions in the classroom and the class weblog. The focal students' blog-mediated textual practice is connected to the development of academic genre knowledge.
* "A web application that contains periodic, reverse chronologically ordered posts on a common web page" ("Weblog")
Perched precariously in a Gold Cup trilemma PETER THOMAS Weblog Wandering the world wide web POSTED AT 10.33pm 2 DECEMBER 2009 I FIND myself perched, rather precariously, on the horns of a dilemma.
Bull, Bull, and Kajder (2003) used weblogs as reflective journals for preservice teachers in a technology course, considering the weblog a "communication medium that is more structured than an e-mail list and more focused than a discussion board.
Another contender for the Weblog Awards, a blog called Nosemonkey Eutopia which is dedicated to politics and international relations, has urged people to vote for Created in Birmingham as well.