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(World-Wide Web)
a largely unskilled Web worker - one with a passable understanding of HTML but little else.

It is often supposed that, in the New Media food chain, there is nothing lower than a webmonkey. Alas, there is: people who barely have the skills to use FrontPage; these people are called "typists".

The B1FF of webmonkeys is personified as Bobo the Webmonkey.

Compare actor/singer/waiter/webmaster.

And compare sysape, one-banana problem, scratch monkey, monkey up, and Infinite-Monkey Theorem for other simian allusions.
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com and Wired News assets only and excludes the Hotbot, Hotwired and Webmonkey sites.
a new Internet company that delivers mission-critical e-services to Web developers, has announced a customer relationship with Webmonkey, Lycos' popular online "how-to" guide for Web developers, in which Web developers can quickly and easily find what they are looking for on the Webmonkey site with Atomz.
com Search is one of the best hosted services for Web developers that the Webmonkey staff has come across in years.
com, "The Webmonkey team has inspired our development efforts over the years, and now that Webmonkey is a customer, Atomz.
In a way it's like magic money for them,'' said Andrew De Vries, director of marketing for Wired Digital, and producer of Webmonkey for Kids, a youth-oriented Internet site.
In addition, Webmonkey, the popular web developer tutorial site, will be re-launched under WIRED Digital.
com and Reddit, the addition of Ars Technica, and the return of Webmonkey and HotWired-will allow us to have a larger voice and presence in the technology publishing arena and offer an exciting digital platform for our advertisers," Carey said.
More recently, the iconic Web brands Webmonkey and HotWired, returned home to WIRED Digital, in a separate transaction with Lycos.
Atomz serves over 33,000 customers, including such sites as Lycos' Webmonkey site; LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company; O'Reilly & Associates; Cincinnati.