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(World-Wide Web)
a largely unskilled Web worker - one with a passable understanding of HTML but little else.

It is often supposed that, in the New Media food chain, there is nothing lower than a webmonkey. Alas, there is: people who barely have the skills to use FrontPage; these people are called "typists".

The B1FF of webmonkeys is personified as Bobo the Webmonkey.

Compare actor/singer/waiter/webmaster.

And compare sysape, one-banana problem, scratch monkey, monkey up, and Infinite-Monkey Theorem for other simian allusions.
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The forecasters on the sidelines, if anyone can remain on the sidelines in this contest, have had a lot to say since Apple's gauntlet hit the dirt on April 29.Wired.com's Webmonkey editor,Mike Calore, pointed out that the transition over to HTML5 for developers working with video content wouldn't be quick and easy, writing, "There's no agreed upon video format for HTML5, and support varies greatly from browser to browser."
(224.) See, e.g., Paul Adams, In Response to User Demand, Pidgin Forks, WEBMONKEY, Apr.
The company publishes online properties in the categories of food (Epicurious.com and NutritionData.com); travel (Concierge.com, HotelChatter.com, and Jaunted.com); fashion (Style.com); men's lifestyle (Men.Style.com); technology (Wired.com, Reddit, Ars Technica, Webmonkey, and HotWired); and teen (Flip.com).
The current deal includes the sale of Wired.com and Wired News assets only and excludes the Hotbot, Hotwired and Webmonkey sites.
Examples of skillfully written blogs include Webmonkey Blog, Science Blog, Cosmic Blog, and IsThatLegal?
Some specific sites showed big improvements from 2000 to 2002: TheStreet improved from an F to a C+, Internet Movie Database and Slashdot from D to A, and Webmonkey from D to B.
You can download a wide selection of scripts from Webmonkey's JavaScript Code Library, at http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/reference/javascript_code _library.
I found most of the information we needed to set up a home page at webmonkey.com and stole ideas from other sites I liked.
The agreement also extends the Simply Postage solution through sponsorship logos, banners, option e-mails and strategic links throughout the Lycos Network sites including Tripos, Angelfire, MailCity, HotBot and Webmonkey.
If you thought Webmonkey was too extreme, check out this tool designed for new users.