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Surgical division of a bone.
Making a section of a bone for the purpose of correcting a deformity.



the surgical transection of bone to correct a deformity or to reposition a dislocation. Osteotomy can be linear, transverse, oblique, or curved. It is an open operation in which an incision just large enough to introduce the cutting instrument—an osteotome, chisel, saw, or ultrasonic osteotome—is made in the soft tissues under general or local anesthesia.

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In our study, we had ten patients with cubitus varus deformity who were treated with lateral closing wedge osteotomy fixed with posterior plating between May 2015 and December 2015.
Opening wedge osteotomy is indicated in early, medium and advanced arthritis, in the older group, up to 70 years, and also if a large correction is needed.
First described by Albee in 1915 (79) as a lateral opening wedge osteotomy that raised the front apex of the lateral trochlea, these procedures have been indicated for patellar instability in the context of high-grade trochlear dysplasia.
A closing wedge osteotomy allows a stable construct with bone-on-bone contact, obviating the need for bone graft and offering minimal potential for nonunion.
In our series two cases underwent lateral closing wedge osteotomy for the correction of deformity.
Our volar wedge osteotomy helped to create a situation typically seen in scaphoid nonunions--the "humpback" deformity.
Coventry (38) performed a varus closing wedge osteotomy in 31 patients for painful lateral compartment OA in valgus knees.