weed killer

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weed killer:

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, chemical compound that kills plants or inhibits their normal growth. A herbicide in a particular formulation and application can be described as selective or nonselective.
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" There is a growing public concern over the continuous usage of glyphosate with local and international agronomists calling for total ban of the weed killer. Several countries in the world have joined the call to ban the use of these herbicides following a wave of lawsuits against Monsanto and parent company Bayer by those diagnosed with cancer after using Roundup in America.
Hardeman's case is one of more than (https://www.ibtimes.com/bayer-lawsuit-german-company-pay-2-billion-couple-after-roundup-cancer-case-2791980) 13,400 plaintiffs that are suing the company over its Roundup weed killer, which they claim is unsafe due to the active ingredient glyphosate, the news outlet reported.
To make an effective batch of weed killer, purchase a gallon of white vinegar from your favorite store.
Wrexham Council is one of many authorities across the UK which deploys a weed killer containing the chemical to control plants.
The past breaches include Neal spraying weed killer, and pouring urine through the fence onto her neighbours' plants.
Weed killer with the ingredient glyphosate can currently be used inCroydonand it has been linked to causing cancer in a landmark case in America.
A recent EPA ruling clears the path for Arkansas farmers to use the herbicide dicamba on soybeans and cotton, ending a state-wide ban on the weed killer's use, according to an Associated Press report.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A Northern California groundskeeper said Wednesday that he will accept a judge's reduced verdict of $78 million against Monsanto after a jury found the company's weed killer caused his cancer.
ASPECIAL Forces veteran, publicly branded a poisoner, has broken his silence to deny he killed his my wife with weed killer.
BEES could be dying as a result of exposure to the world's most popular weed killer, new research suggests.
It is growing soft at the moment so it is best to crunch the foliage to expose a wound and then spray with SBK weed killer which you can find online or at your local garden centre.