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GARDENing VINE WEEVIL BUG OFF Take action now to rid your garden of pests the vine weevil, woolly aphid and slug WOOLLY APHID slug
Besides, he called for reinforcing co-operation between Libyan and Tunisian teams in charge of control and eradication of the Red Weevil in both countries.
is a weevil species belonging to the order Coleoptera and family Curculionidae.
Internal feeding by two or three generations of weevil larvae over 1 to 2 years can kill infested palms.
Monitoring longevity of this weevil confirms that the adults accompanying the seeds until seedlings can be a source of notorious infestation for future bean crops.
The great genetic variability and phenotypic plasticity of the boll weevil makes it able to adapt to a wide variety of environmental conditions, allowing the expansion of its geographical distribution beyond its center of origin (Central America) (Showler, 2009).
The Red Palm Weevil is considered to be one of the world's most damaging insect pests when it comes to palm trees, burrowing inside them to lay hundreds of eggs that ultimately kill the tree from within.
acupunctatus frequently are found in the basal leaf or inside the "pina", in high infestations this weevil can be found also in the agave heart and in the "quiote".
This study was designed to clarify palm weevil diversity on the 6 principal islands of Indonesia using the COI marker, and to evaluate its suitability for species-level identification.
But several residents complained that the rice was infested with weevil. It was smelly and dark-colored, prompting Chatto to launch an investigation.