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common name for some members of the Caprifoliaceae, a family comprised mostly of vines and shrubs of the Northern Hemisphere, especially abundant in E Asia and E North America.
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a genus of shrubs of the family Caprifoliaceae, sometimes combined with the genus Diervilla. The deciduous leaves are opposite, simple, and serrate. The flowers are bisexual, large, and violet-rose or sometimes white, with one to six flowers at the ends of young axillary or apical twigs. The fruit is a bilocular pod. There are about 15 species in East Asia. In the USSR three species grow wild in the Far East. They are cultivated as decorative plants, especially early weigela (W. praecox), with its flowers of a violet-rose color. Other species, including Korean weigela (W. coraeensis, flowery weigela W. floribunda), Japanese weigela (W. japónica), W. maximowiczii, and W. middendorffiana are also raised in many gardens and arboretums.


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However, this beautiful native is in decline in the countryside so to be sure of seeing it this summer, sow it in ASK DIARMUID Hi Diarmuid, I HAVE a hibiscus which I've grown as a standard, and next to it a weigela grown as a large bush.
pRune | spring-flowering deciduous shrubs, such as kerria, forsythia, ribes and weigela as soon as they finish flowering.
Easy-to-root plants include lavatera, helianthemum, choisya, deutzia, escallonia (pictured), hebe, hydrangea, lavender, philadelphus and weigela, as well as fuchsia and olearia.
Take hardwood cuttings from shrubs including buddleia, forsythia, spiraea, weigela, berberis, hydrangea, pyracantha and roses.
Plants which may be suitable for your seaside garden include eryngium (sea holly), echinops (globe thistle), crocosmia, sedum and heuchera, with a mix of shrubs and climbers including buddleia, berberis, broom, ceanothus, escallonia, hebe, weigela and lavatera.
Weigela florida Wine and Roses also has a chocolate hue and rich red-pink trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers.
The shrubs which you should leave alone in early spring are those that flower in spring up to early summer such as philadel phus, forsythia, kerria and weigela.
Shrubs which hate being moved include ceanothus, holly, eucalyptus, Spanish broom, ribes (flowering currant), lilac and weigela.
forsythia, kerria, philadelphus, spiraea, weigela, berberis, willow, hydrangea, flowring currant, rosemary, yew, box, pyracantha, also some roses.
Hack them back as much as you like - I go for about two-thirds of the clematis and much the same for buddleia, deutzia and weigela.
95, or five Flowering Shrubs (Mock Orange, Rosa Rugosa, Potentilla fruticosa, Deutzia, Weigela ) for pounds 8.
Prune mature deciduous shrubs which have finished flowering, including weigela and philadelphus ?