weighing machine

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weighing machine:

see balancebalance,
instrument used in laboratories and pharmacies to measure the mass or weight of a body. A balance functions by measuring the force of gravity that the earth exerts on an object, i.e., its weight.
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; scalescale,
in weights and measures, instruments for determining weight, generally for other than laboratory use. For the principles of operation of all weighing devices, see balance.
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However, when the manufacturer used both machines at the same time, the weighing machine suffered more than a 25% error rate caused by RF interference from the welding machine.
e ticket is for a weighing machine installed in the liner's Turkish baths by Birmingham rm Henry Pooley & Son, bought out by Avery in 1914.
MURDER VICTIM: Carl Seaton JAILED: Brett Williams (left) and Kenneth Seaton (right) who carried out an attack at The Weighing Machine pub
HOPEFUL Ged and Carole Stewart with their new airport baggage weighing machine.
1884 The coin operated weighing machine was patented by Percy Everitt.
The Tron was a public weighing machine, set up in the market street that is still known as the Trongate, and was used to pillory offenders publicly.
A FOUL-MOUTHED weighing machine told one woman she was a "fat pig" and called another man a "fat c***".
The Post Office consists of the Post Master (our base commander), an assortment of assistants (including me), a waterproof metal box with stamps inside and the official red Post Office weighing machine (for extra heavy parcels we use the not-so-official kitchen scales).
One asked the woman how to use the weighing machine while the other stole her purse, which contained pounds 80 cash, bus pass, credit cards and personal papers.
Atoma/Multipond Weighing Machine Line Built to Gauge Frozens And a Lot More
Joanne Shaw, 37, had been thrown out of the Weighing Machine pub, in Wavertree, after a drink and cocainefuelled confrontation with the manager, Julie Oates.