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Lisa deliberately got a wedding dress two sizes too small so that she had to lose weight for her big day.
For example, studies generally control for smoking, an independent cause of disease that is more common among thin people, and pre-existing illnesses, which might make thin people look unhealthy because people tend to lose weight when they're sick.
A number of assessments can help to recognize treatable causes of weight loss.
Other research shows that stigma--whether related to weight, race, sexual preference or mental illness--can be deadly.
The study represents an ongoing revision in focus in the literature from managing diabetes to preventing it, and within that area of research, a de-emphasis on heredity and other risk factors, and an emphasis on proactive and definitively proven preventive techniques--namely weight management through a reduced fat diet and regular exercise.
We have reasonably solid evidence that after people have lost weight, they're hungrier," says Eckel.
football, wrestling, and gymnastics) where weight gain or loss is accepted and perceived as an advantage.
In the overall population, relative to women who had a normal weight (100-149 lbs.
Throughout the study, investigators recorded the volunteers' weight, blood concentrations of cholesterols, and other indicators of metabolic health.
There are numerous approaches to weight management and weight loss.
Each of us is a biochemically unique :rod distinct individual, which means that some of us are at a genetic advantage when it comes to weight loss.