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It also compares well with international peers', given the use of the standardised approach to calculating risk-weighted assets, resulting in a high risk weight density (95%) and low leverage (5.7x).
"This new design and manufacturing freedom will lead to optimization of strength, conductivity, mass transport, strength, and weight density that are not achievable in graphene aerogels."
Members Dimensions (mm) Normal weight density (25kN/[m.sup.3]) Columns 500*500 6.3kN/m (for top floor) 9.0 kN/m (rest of the floors) Beams 300*600 4.5kN/m Slab 100 2.5 kN/[m.sup.2] 4.9 kN/[m.sup.2] 21.6 kN/m (height 4.4 m) Brick wall 230 17.2 kN/m (height 3.5 m) 3.5 kN/m (height 0.7) 4.9 kN/m (height 1.0) Members Lightweight density (18 kN/[m.sup.3]) Columns 4.5 kN/m (for top floor) 6.48 kN/m (rest of the floors) Beams 3.24 kN/m Slab 1.8 kN/[m.sup.2] 4.9 kN/[m.sup.2] 21.6 kN/m (height 4.4 m) Brick wall 17.2 kN/m (height 3.5 m) 3.5 kN/m (height 0.7) 4.9 kN/m (height 1.0) TABLE 3: Load combinations used for design.
Yield and yield components (panicle number spikelet per panicle grain filling percentage grain weight density harvest index) were taken after harvest.
It's designed for dosing up to four free-flowing components with throughputs up to about 500 kg/hr (at a bulk weight density of 0.6 kg/L).
scale width and 70-ton concentrated load capacity enable the truck scale to accommodate the sheer size and weight density of fully loaded Euclid R65's that are bringing rock out of the quarry at Grovestone Quarry.
In laboratory the material undergoes further analyses before its utilization as fine aggregate, such as: aggregates particle size distribution (or gradation), weight density and mass density.
European Starlings, which have grown in numbers from 60 released in New York in 1890 to 150 million today, are known as feathered bullets because they have a weight density 27 percent higher than herring gulls.
Regarding physical properties, the research has centered on moisture content, weight density, and hygroscopic shrinkage.
NPE is said to be one of the top five manufacturing trade shows in the U.S., and the largest in terms of both weight density and power draw by equipment operating on the show floor.
Water has a weight density of approximately 62.4 pounds per cubic foot.