weight space

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weight box

In a window frame, the channel in which the sash weights move up and down.
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After this information has been provided, a preliminary weight space (2) is obtained.
We define the swarm particles as points inside the weight space, that is, n-dimensional vectors in the weight space.
Humbataliev, "On normal solvability of boundary value problems for operator-differential equations on semi-axis in weight space," Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, vol.
The remaining weight space of batch b is [DELTA][s.sub.b] = S - s, where S is the maximum load of heating furnace and [s.sub.b] is the weight of batch b.
Additionally, letting nw be the total number of weights in the network, a natural order can be established for weights so that any given set of nw weights can be uniquely identified with a vector, called a weight vector, in weight space, the Euclidean space of dimension nw, and vice versa.
Each hypercube of the reception-field space is subject to the respective weights [w.sub.112], [w.sub.222], and [w.sub.323] in the weight space.
However, he does note Rydex has close to $8 billion in assets attributed to the equal weight space, which makes them a relatively big player even if the space itself has yet to grow.
Fix [mu] [member of] W[lambda], and recall that the [mu] weight space in V([lambda]) is one-dimensional.
displays of sensitivity analysis which focus on the outcomes rather than the input data, such as stability intervals, triangles of the weight space, etc.
The neighbourhood of a unit is defined as all units within some distance of that unit on the map (not in weight space).
AI: What are the trends in using new materials and processes in terms of lower part weight space saving design and increasing overall functionality?
The ISS, which hopes to provide a platform for long duration microgravity experiments in the physical and life sciences, could serve as an engineering test bed for reduced size and weight space suits and autonomous robotic systems with a high degree of dexterity critical to areas of research and development.