welded wire mesh

welded-wire fabric, welded wire mesh

welded-wire fabric
A series of longitudinal and transverse wires arranged at right angles to each other and welded together at all points of intersection; used as reinforcement in reinforced concrete.
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install in four corners 6" x 6" welded wire mesh reinforcement.
The new Return On Investment calculator enables customers to input details of their projects and obtain potential savings that could be achieved by replacing existing rebar and welded wire mesh with Helix Steel's patented Helix Micro Rebar product.
The pipe was lined with concrete with a 15-cm minimum thickness, complete with welded wire mesh located at the medium thickness of the concrete.
The company, which started operations in 2011, has a factory in Jubail 1 which includes state-of-the-art facilities such as fusion bonded epoxy coating line, welded wire mesh line, cold rolling machines, straightening and cutting machines and fully automatic cut and bend machines.
It's made out of welded wire mesh which is galvanized to protect it from the coating getting scraped off, and it's plastic-coated to prevent the Atlantic Ocean from attacking the steel.
Covered by a two-year warranty, a line of welded wire mesh decking is constructed with flared or standard U-channels to fit most beam styles.
At the top he installed welded wire mesh to hold in place halved soda bottles in which the growing kangkong is planted.
A removable panel of 2-by-4-inch welded wire mesh covers the bottom, which gives the chickens room to scratch but is easy to take off if you wish to set the coop on a garden bed and let the chickens till in their manure.
The company's production range includes: Woven wire mesh in all metals; welded wire mesh in all metals; perforated sheets in all metals; demister pads/Mist eliminators; wedge wire screens; gratings in steel and special alloy of stainless steel grade packings; architectural wires mesh products; aluminium Insect screen; and other internals for separation application.
Another "wall" of welded wire mesh is carefully placed along the side of the courtyard to allow late-afternoon offshore breezes to waft through and to frame sunset views.