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Later, an epidemic of legislative corruption scandals would dash lingering hopes for a proper balance between the needs of the people and those of the "powerful and well-connected."
Interestingly enough, then, it was the well-connected Kremlin insider Potanin who thought up the next scheme for transferring the remaining major state-owned businesses in their entirety to a select group of bankers.
While I feel that I am socially well-connected, I have been hesitant to participate in activities such as fund raising or volunteer work, especially if it involves being outside.
Novi is well-connected to highway, rail and air transportation routes offering accessibility second to none.
Emily Tyra, a 17-year-old Minnesota native who has attended several summer programs, feels that she has progressed more in the Boston session, because well-connected teachers got to know her.
Holbein, the well-connected son of a famous painter, set off on his travels armed with a letter of recommendation from the titanic scholar Erasmus, seeking employment in France and the Low Countries before finding work in London painting portraits of royal courtiers.
Abramoff, a well-connected Republican, is currently facing a criminal investigation of his dealings with Native American tribes.
How the company's well-connected bosses must cringe at the sight of the ASBO generation decked out in Burberry caps and scarves - many of which may not necessarily be the real thing.
Extrapolating from small local networks, the scalefree model indicates that a few well-connected master routers direct Internet traffic to numerous, less essential routers in the network's periphery.
Nonetheless, he sees his salon as offering for his well-connected clientele not just a good haircut, but also a respite, however brief, from the stresses of running the world.
(2) having contacts who are well-connected, (3) having low redundancy, (4) having a high proportion of "weak" ties, (5) including employers ill desired places of employment, (6) having a network that will think of you when a job opportunity presents itself, and possibly (7) having prestigious contacts.