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a board game popular in Japan that probably originated in China or India as long ago as the third millennium B.C. The board is marked by a grid of 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines to form 361 intersections. Of the 361 pieces, 181 are black stones and 180 are white. The player with the black stones begins by placing a stone on any intersection. The players alternate turns. The object for each player is to control the most territory on the board while capturing as many of the opposing player's stones as possible. Stones are captured and removed from the board when they are completely encircled and are deprived of any access, either directly or through a chain of like stones, to a free space. A game is over when all the empty spaces on the board either are controlled by one or the other player or cannot be controlled by either player. The winner is the player who controls the most open spaces after the stones captured by the opposing player have been substracted. The complexity of go has made it, like chess, a subject for artificial intelligenceartificial intelligence
(AI), the use of computers to model the behavioral aspects of human reasoning and learning. Research in AI is concentrated in some half-dozen areas.
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 research, but it was regarded as a more difficult challenge than chess. In 2016–17, however, versions of Google's DeepMind AlphaGo defeated top go players.


See E. Lasker, Go and Go-Moku (rev. ed. 1960).

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, I-go
a game for two players in which stones are placed on a board marked with a grid, the object being to capture territory on the board
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A thinking game with an oriental origin estimated to be around 4000 years old. Nowadays, the game is played by millions of people in (most notably) China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In the Western world the game is practised by a yearly increasing number of players. On the Internet Go players meet, play and talk 24 hours/day on the Internet Go Server (IGS).


Usenet newsgroup: news:rec.games.go.
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(1) (Go) An open source object-oriented programming language from Google. Styled after C/C++, Go was developed in 2007 to solve Google's own problems orchestrating huge datacenters. Often referred to as "Golang," Go was released to the public in 2012.

(2) An on-screen button that is clicked in order to activate a function such as search.

(3) A command used on a BBS or online service to switch the user to a particular forum or section. For example, typing go mac would switch you to a section specializing in Mac computers. Like any command language, one has to know the words to enter. See BBS.
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