western frame

platform framing

platform frame
A system of framing for a building of wood construction several stories high, in which the studs are only one story high; the floor joists for each story rest on the top plates of the story below or on the soleplate of the first story; the bearing walls and partitions rest on the subfloor of each story, i.e., rest on the rough floor that serves as the base for the finish floor. Also called western framing. Compare with balloon framing.
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In this regard, the Minister warned of the seriousness of the gap that is growing between the younger generation and the heritage of ancestors, which would threaten the cultural specificity and collective conscience in the region and would hinder consequently the achievement of the hoped for balance between the preservation of local cultural values and the acquisition of certain human values in the Western frame of reference.
"I want to talk to you in a Western frame of mind," Shaaban noted, posing an interesting hypothetical.
Deep critiques of the western ideology of nature have been established (Smith, 1998) but this volume moves beyond these critiques and attempts to develop further understandings of nature that are not fixed within a western frame but include perspectives such as Daoist and Buddhist practice.
If you are in academia, no thesis or research proposition is outside of the Western frame. How you understand and engage Western theory is what matters.
Therefore, these "Starfish Muslims" perceive global events involving Muslims through a corrupt, Western frame or, as Hammami put it, "from the perspective of their brand new Ray-Ban or Oakley sunglasses." (12)
Many Western observers who try to describe and prescribe business or management practices in China exhibit a strong tendency to assess the situation based on a Western frame of reference while neglecting the political, economic, and social differences between China and their home countries.
182) that, he suggests, is indicative of a western frame of mind.
In fact, many of the world's most pressing social and environmental concerns may defy solution inside a wholly Western frame of reference.
It is, he writes, a quality which in a western frame would fall (awkwardly) into an aesthetic category, that is to say it generates a particular feeling-tone.
It reverses the dominant Western frame of discussion, locating the most intimidating and destructive forms of terrorism in the Western states and their clients and in the needs of the global political economy dominated by the West.
College London, UK) notes, discussions of ethics and morality abstracted from specific cultural contexts often take for granted a Western frame of reference.

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