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Key statement: Provided are core-shell structured polymer particles capable of enhancing abrasion resistance, rolling resistance and wet slip resistance of rubber while improving mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tensile elongation, a rubber composition including the same, and a molded rubber article, for example, a tire, prepared there-from.
A new OSHA regulation requiring that all walking surfaces coated with paint or a similar material must meet a wet slip resistance level of .50 will go into effect on July 18, 2006.
Many physical factors influence the demands made on a marina and significantly reduce the potential for wet slip expansion.
Dry stack storage rates depend not only on what the dry stack competition is charging but also on the supply-and-demand relationship for wet slip space.
The appraiser should separate the expenses for the dry stack facility from that of the wet slip component at the site, and estimate the increase attributed to the dry stack unit.
When the wet slips in marinas are full and demand for slip space is high, dry stack storage becomes viable and profitable.
Since better water quality would enhance the total bundle of characteristics being purchased by the boater, marina wet slip rental fees should be higher.
The wet slip rental fee equations were estimated by applying ordinary least-squares to the cross-sectional data set of 131 privately-owned and open to the public, Florida marinas.
Although the hedonic model proved useful as a predictor of wet slip fees, the water quality variable was not significant.
Footwear manufacturers looking to produce high grip outsoles with good wet slip resistance properties are said to have a new soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) at their disposal, Avalon 50 AHG TPU.
Fiesta Key, which includes a marina, was formerly home to a KOA RV Park and Campsite and will be developed to include approximately 150 residential units, 54 wet slips and a variety of luxury amenities.