wet system

wet-pipe sprinkler system

A fire sprinkler system consisting of a network of pipes containing water under pressure. Automatic sprinklers are connected to piping so that each sprinkler (head) protects an assigned area of coverage; the water discharges immediately from any sprinkler opened by the heat of a fire.
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The director general services informed that the fire hoses were placed eight years ago while a proposal had been submitted of Rs 94.4 million for the fire system for all blocks of the Parliament Lodges including Rs 23.3 million for wet system to be established at the Lodges.
He added that they had prepared a summary of Rs94.7 million to revamp the firefighting system in all blocks of Parliament Lodges, including Rs23.3 million for a wet system.
Wall & Deco wet system in Boogie, WEST ONE BATHROOMS The wall & deco wet system is a waterproof decorative membrane with very unique features.
It is involved in policy making, strategy formulation and regulation and revamping of WET system.
If you notice that the water in your wet system looks rusty, do not drain the system and re-flood it again.
And unlike a wet system, the pipes of a dry sprinkler system do not contain water, so the risk of a burst pipe is eliminated.
This can be a simple electric mat laid under tiles or, if you are building a new house, a full wet system.
Nearly 250 square metres of SlipGrip Flat Sheets were installed in these areas without taking the area out of service as would have been the case if a wet system was applied.
A recur rent issue in Namibia is the choice for a so-called wet system (water-borne toilet) or a dry sanitation facility.
Forecasts have a cold but not very wet system coming in next weekend.