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Dr Wiggs added:Ce"Even during peaceful sleep, baby's skin can easily sense the feeling of wetness - in effect acting as an 'invisible alarm clock', which could lead to waking.
Key words: California, Empidonax traillii, meadows, passerine, predators wetness, Sierra Nevada, small mammals, Willow Flycatcher
But to the man, the wetness is a blessing, for which there is no
The improved formula provides better odor and wetness protection and has a better texture for more pleasing aesthetics.
Specifically, cyclamen will accept more wetness than the native species, poinsettias hold onto their lower leaves under lower light conditions than in previous years, and Christmas cacti will flower if (to a degree) temperatures exceed comfortable levels.
Agriculture Department directed the formers that after this rain the formers should sow wheat before 15th November as there was enough wetness in the farm field.
He likens the search for enlightenment to a wave trying to grasp its wetness and its place in the ocean.
New to the range is Refreshing Body Powder priced at pounds 20, a skin-smoothing powder to eliminate wetness and with an essential oil blend including clove, geranium, lemon and ginger.
UNILEVER IS INTRODUCING DOVE CLINICAL PROTECTION ANTI-PERSPIRANT/DEODORANT, a product designed to offer "prescription-strength" defense to control underarm wetness, allowing women to feel confident and self-assured.
Up to my shoulders, an endless sky, wetness on my Face,