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whale shark,

large, plankton-eating shark, Rhincodon typus, found in all tropical seas of the world. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. A female typically reaches about 46 ft (14 m) in length, and a male about 26 ft (8 m); the largest known specimen was about 60 ft (18 m) long. They may live for 100 to 150 years. The whale shark feeds largely on plankton, as well as on small fish and crustaceans. It is the only large shark with its mouth at the front of its head rather than on the underside. The mouth is equipped with many rows of tiny teeth, and the throat has numerous long slender structures called gill rakers, which form a fine mesh for straining food from the water. The whale shark's body is stout but streamlined, like that of a whale. It is brownish gray above, with many white or yellow spots, and white or yellow below. The female may give birth to as many as 300 pups at one time. The whale shark is a docile, torpid fish; it does not attack, even on provocation, but has been known to collide with boats. It is classified in the phylum ChordataChordata
, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development. Most chordates are vertebrates (animals with backbones), but the phylum also includes some small marine invertebrate animals.
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, subphylum Vertebrata, class Chondrichthyes, order Selachii, family Rhincodontidae.
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Each whale shark can be identified based on the unique pattern of spots behind its gills.
The whale shark is an internationally protected species highly susceptible to the fisheries that occurs near coastal aggregation sites (Pierce & Norman, 2016).
Rhett Arthur Diana, acting Protected Area Superintendent, said the reported presence of whale shark indicates that TINMR has a healthy marine ecosystem.
Whale sharks spotted in Sarangani Bay !-- -- John Unson (philstar.com) - March 12, 2019 - 8:10am COTABATO CITY, Philippines More than a dozen whale sharks were spotted twice early this week in Sarangani Bay, according to radio reports.
According to Khan, 'Fishermen from the coastal areas have brought an offspring of a dead whale shark.' He also disputed the reports that the fins and meat of whale sharks were in high demand all over the world.
According to Moazzam, "fishermen from the coastal areas have brought an offspring of a dead whale shark.
The male whale shark is kept at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in an exhibition tank (Kuroshio Tank) with a length, width, and depth of 27, 35, and 10 m.
It contains a huge water tank that is able to accommodate a whale shark, which is the largest known fish species in the world and is a major tourist attraction.
Lilian Ndauri from the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute said the whale shark might have swum to the reef which is shallow after being pushed by strong waves.
If a whale shark comes directly towards you, simply remain calm and split into two groups so that the shark can swim between you.