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(1) (NEXT) (Near End X(cross) Talk) A measurement of crosstalk between two wire pairs. NEXT is the difference in signal strength between the interfering pair and the interfered pair. The higher the number, the less crosstalk. See FEXT and PSNEXT.

(2) (NeXT) A computer company that became a software company and then merged into Apple. NeXT Computer was founded in Redwood City, California, in 1985 by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. In 1988, NeXT introduced a high-resolution workstation housed in a black cube that used the Motorola 68K CPU and ran under the NeXTSTEP operating system.

The computer was discontinued in 1993, at which time NexT became NeXT Software and focused on OpenStep, the object-oriented development environment of NeXTSTEP, which was made available on x86, Sun and HP machines. In 1996, NeXT Software was acquired by Apple and Steve Jobs returned to the company he helped create (see Apple).
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We're in the realm of 'what's it all about?" and 'whatever next?".
"Our hope is we find tunnels or the boats or whatever next they're next going to before they get a return on their investment."
Whatever next? Does anyone know whether The Flintstones are still permitted to have a gay old time?
Whatever next? Surely they wouldn't hang black-out blinds in James Turrell's skyspace, Three Gems, or repair Andy Goldsworthy's broken paving, Faultline?
Whatever next? Craig Brown resigning because Scotland fans have a hostile attitude towards England?
Whatever next? It's a recipe for disaster.It will only lead to more people urinating in the streets, thus causing a public health hazard.
Whatever next? No wonder there are so many reoffenders.
Whatever next? He will be blaming the scoreboard for being too bright.
And John Ruddy said: "Whatever next? Will they complain that their lightsabers have been taken away?" But there was some support from Shaun Paton, who said: "Christianity, Islam etc are allowed in jails, so why not the order of the Jedi?
If I received one as a present, I'd think "whatever next" I talk to all my lovely friends I have no need to text.
Let's just call it the good the bad and the bobbly Mark Knott@ropey1962 Recently lost points to a handball goal, not being awarded a legitimate goal and yesterday a bobble, Whatever next? Lynne Pogue@lynpogue Whoops Acropolis!
Whatever next? Saturdays will never be the same again.

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