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At, individual earrings offer a strong statement look, Kingham said, like Gucci's chunky lapel-grazing bee earring in gray crystal and faux pearls or Saint Laurent's punk-like 3-D-carved wheat stalk in gold and silver.
Shi, "Bioconversion of wheat stalk to hydrogen by dark fermentation: effect of different mixed microflora on hydrogen yield and cellulose solubilisation," Bioresource Technology, vol.
They arrive in frosty metal Julep cups garnished with berries and sporting wheat stalk straws.
Electricity production by using wheat stalk, rice husk and corncob should be encouraged.
At the end of a wheat stalk, everything's set for a fierce fight.
It is a mix-and-match collection of diagonal stripes and wheat stalk patterns with top treatments.
Hey, these waffles are "Made with Whole Grain Wheat." There's even a wheat stalk on the label.
Unless readers really want to taste the wheat stalk between their teeth, however, it will not be worth a daily trek to U.S.
The wheat curl mite feeds on the plant and transmits wheat stalk virus disease.
"The State Emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic presents an image of a white falcon with outstretched wings, placed in the center of the blue circle in a white frame, and located in the background of the lake spurs of the Ala-Too mountains and the rising sun with golden rays placed on both sides of cotton and wheat stalks ears, with the inscription "Kyrgyz" located in the upper part of the circle, and the inscription "Republic" located in the lower part of the circle,"the statement says.
Moreover, all the other wheat stalks in the line behind you will thank you for it, and they will demand the same.
My hair, straight as wheat stalks, was cut to the scalp.