wheel landing

roller landing

i. A landing by a tail-wheeled aircraft on its main wheels, with the tail wheel touching the ground later. Also called a wheel landing.
ii. Refers to touch-and-go approaches (i.e., an aircraft takes off after landing but before it has come to a full stop).
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The elephant in the room for such a remarkable utility airplane is the huge proportion of runway loss of control accidents (RLOC), almost always on landing and often following a wheel landing.
Presolicitation: Wheel landing gear / nsn 1630-01-061-3729 / 17n: e-2c acft
30am it experienced a suspected failure of the nose wheel landing gear and veered off the runway onto the grass.
The crew of a US Airways Express Bombardier DHC-8 Dash-8 that was forced to land at the Philadelphia International Airport with its nose wheel landing gear retracted on the morning of 16 November had earlier heard a "creaking and grinding noise" when taxiing out of the Lehigh Valley International Airport, say US National Transportation Safety Board investigators.
Debris from the car was flung towards surrounding houses, hitting windows and doors, with a wheel landing 150 feet away in a garden.
Debris from the car was flung toward surrounding houses hitting windows and doors with one wheel landing nearly 100ft away in a neighbour's garden.
Local housewife Margarete Lenz found a wing and the smouldering six wheel landing gear of the Russian plane in her neighbour's yard.
A wheel landing is any landing where the touchdown is on the mains only--even if the tail is only an inch above the runway--and the first part of the rollout is on the mains.
A wing and the six wheel landing gear of the Tupolev landed in her neighbour's back garden.
While performing a crosswind landing in a J-3 for example, in addition to employing a sideslip, a wheel landing is performed.
Overly aggressive braking on a nose-heavy or tailwheel aircraft can flip the plane tail-over-nose, such as when a tailwheel pilot attempts a wheel landing with aggressive braking.
I never do a wheel landing in strong, gusty crosswind: You can plant the airplane on the ground with enough speed to make a straight path down the runway, but you have to let the tail down sooner or later.