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the distance between the front and back axles of a motor vehicle



the distance between the front and rear axles of a two-axle motor vehicle, tractor, or trailer or between the front axle and the center of the two-axle undercarriage of a three-axle motor vehicle (trailer).

Increasing the wheelbase improves the stability of transport vehicles but reduces their maneuverability. For example, in the case of dump trucks, which usually operate within the crowded conditions of a construction site or a quarry, the wheelbase is shorter than it is in the case of conventional trucks of the same type. (The wheelbase of the ZIL-130 panel truck is 3,800 mm, whereas the ZIL-MMZ-555 dump truck has a wheelbase of 3,300 mm.)

The wheelbase of a railroad car or locomotive is the distance between the centers of the terminal axles. In the case of a truck-type railroad car or locomotive, the wheelbase is measured as the distance between the centers of the pivot journals of the terminal trucks. In the case of nontruck-type locomotives, a distinction is made between the total wheel-base and the base of the driving (movable) wheels. The dimensions of the wheelbase are determined to a great extent by the conditions under which rolling stock passes over curved sections of track.

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Also on the Jaguar stand was a luxury version, the Jaguar Concept Eight which has been developed from the long wheelbase saloon in the Jaguar Advanced Design Studio.
The use of this lightweight metal means that the XJ has only put on an extra 24kg (53lb) of additional weight in the process of adding five inches (125mm) of bodywork and the same amount in the wheelbase.
This means that the new Transit can carry one more Europallet on each of its wheelbases than the 'old' model.
Total quantity or scope: General overhaul of a type 106 CNC double variable wheelbase underfloor wheel lathe that was supplied and commissioned by Hegenscheidt in 2003.
The Jaguar XJ 3.0-Litre V6 Diesel Long Wheelbase offers combined fuel economy of 39.2mpg, 189g/km CO2 and is priced from pounds 56,900 on the road.
The Ford Transit SilverBlue at between pounds 14,750 and pounds 20,750, is available in medium, long and Jumbo wheelbases. With extras like a CD player, Quickclear heated windscreen and power-operated front windows, it's well worth it.
Power comes courtesy of a 3.2-litre turbodiesel engine offering 158bhp, with a manual five-speed transmission on the short wheelbase model and a choice of manual or automatic on the long wheelbase version.
With the same lightweight construction as the standard car -it is a mere 24kgheavier -and the same range of engines as its shorter siblings,Jaguar insists that the long wheelbase version of the XJ will be just as good to drive.
Mick Mohan, chief programme engineer for the new model, said: "The Long Wheelbase isn't a stretched version of the standard car - it's a fully integrated model in its own.
Carwale, an automotive news magazine, has revealed details of the long wheelbase Jaguar XE.
Delivery of three refuse collection vehicles for the city cleaning victoriesLot 1: Two Chassis (medium wheelbase);Lot 2: A chassis (short wheelbase);Lot 3: Three press plate assemblies (rear loader);Lot 4: Three automatic lifter with split crest for rear loaders.
wheelbase. Chevy's Suburban, on the other hand, has a slightly more compact 130-in.