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The loop construct found in nearly all procedural languages which executes one or more instructions (the "loop body") repeatedly so long as some condition evaluates to true. In contrast to a repeat loop, the loop body will not be executed at all if the condition is false on entry to the while.

For example, in C, a while loop is written

while (<expr>) <statement>;

where <expr> is any expression and <statement> is any statement, including a compound statement within braces "..".
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More recently, Corporals Arlie Jones, John "Scott" Gradner, and Abel Marquez died from gunshot wounds they sustained whiled responding to a domestic disturbance call in September 2007.
ANGRY BIRDS, iPhone, pounds 0.59 IT'S amazing just how many hours can be whiled away in the gaming world firing birds from a catapult.
Their music was splendid throughout the week - and they even whiled away the time during a flight delay at Lourdes airport by sitting on the floor and singing for over an hour.
Bute whiled away the hours making this by scratching it with a pin and then rubbed soot over it."

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