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The loop construct found in nearly all procedural languages which executes one or more instructions (the "loop body") repeatedly so long as some condition evaluates to true. In contrast to a repeat loop, the loop body will not be executed at all if the condition is false on entry to the while.

For example, in C, a while loop is written

while (<expr>) <statement>;

where <expr> is any expression and <statement> is any statement, including a compound statement within braces "..".
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BEIRUT: Summer is all about celebration, from parties to whiling away hours on the beach and in the mountains.
There's no shame in whiling away the hours with a book and a hot toddy by the crackling fire in the Granite Lodge after a massage at the spa.
But one memory - albeit a surreal, slightly hazy one - was Nightingales, a Samuel Beckett-a-like sitcom about three security guards whiling away an endless nightshift in anonymous office block.
However, like other casinos globally, revenue intake seems to have been affected by certain categories of visitors, with information pointing to the largest fall-off coming not from the high rollers at all--but those visitors likely whiling away time in the casino.
Whiling talking with mediamen, Barkat Ali Afridi the leader of the protest told FC has illegally been occupying approximately 80 acres (4000 Grebe) land of Khatiakhel tribe, which is against the law.
1 Which surreal Robert Lindsay Channel 4 comedy was about a trio of security guards whiling away the long night hours in a fantasy world?
WHILING away time in the supermarket queue, and bored with peeking into the customer in front's trolley, I started reading the back of my loo-roll pack (Quilted Velvet, if you want to know).
The agriculture supremo has been keeping her brief in mind when whiling away her free time.
and once East Coast aristocracy, who by the 1970s were whiling away their days in and around a crumbling, flea-infested mansion in East Hampton, N.