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The loop construct found in nearly all procedural languages which executes one or more instructions (the "loop body") repeatedly so long as some condition evaluates to true. In contrast to a repeat loop, the loop body will not be executed at all if the condition is false on entry to the while.

For example, in C, a while loop is written

while (<expr>) <statement>;

where <expr> is any expression and <statement> is any statement, including a compound statement within braces "..".
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There's no shame in whiling away the hours with a book and a hot toddy by the crackling fire in the Granite Lodge after a massage at the spa.
ACTRESS Scarlett Johansson had an unusual way of whiling away spare time during filming The Black Dahlia in Bulgaria - browsing Nazi memorabilia.
This book is ideal for those who love nothing better than whiling away the hours looking at great design and wonderful homes.
Childhood has in some serious way been stripped of its wonderful aimlessness, of shapeless, formless, and seemingly endless days and nights spent whiling away the time doing nothing that will help you get a Rhodes Scholarship or first-round venture capital for a start-up.
Some of the stuff is juxtaposed on purpose with similar overall shapes or themes, but overall it's a mishmash of stuff that's good for whiling away a few minutes here or there.
While this may be the height of comedy for young men whiling away their days in their parents' basements eating nachos and watching their TiVo'ed ESPN, it makes for a much more limited experience for other members of the human race.
The only thing they could count on was whiling away the hours playing shogi (chess) and go (a strategy game).
Reminiscing about the past with friends, family and those with similar memories has always been an enjoyable way of whiling away the hours, but now there's evidence to suggest that it also does you some good.
SPEND a lazy afternoon whiling away the hours at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery,Bold Street,Warrington, where there's a watercolours exhibition by Scottish naturalist and illustrator William McGillivary.