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1. (in a legislative body)
a. a member of a party chosen to organize and discipline the members of his faction, esp in voting and to assist in the arrangement of the business
b. a call issued to members of a party, insisting with varying degrees of urgency upon their presence or loyal voting behaviour
c. (in the British Parliament) a schedule of business sent to members of a party each week. Each item on it is underlined to indicate its importance: one line means that no division is expected, two lines means that the item is fairly important, and three lines means that the item is very important and every member must attend and vote according to the party line
2. an apparatus for hoisting, consisting of a rope, pulley, and snatch block
3. a windmill vane
4. transient elastic movement of a structure or part when subjected to sudden release of load or dynamic excitation
5. a percussion instrument consisting of two strips of wood, joined forming the shape of a V, and clapped loudly together
6. a ride in a funfair involving bumper cars that move with sudden jerks
7. a wrestling throw in which a wrestler seizes his opponent's arm and spins him to the floor
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What does it mean when you dream about a whip?

A whip is a symbol of authority and punishment. How it is experienced in the dream determines whether the dreamer is imposing the punishment or receiving it. In either scenario, whips have acquired connotations of abuse, so the punishment represented is often abusive and an occasion for guilt and shame.

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Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin said the whipping punishment, however, could be commuted by the court based on considerations such being detrimental to the offender.
Whether it's done in a modern stand top mixer, or one that is hand held, cream lends itself to the unrelenting delights of whipping and, under the whip, as it were, metamorphoses from milky liquidness to a thick creamy non-flow consistency.
He's drawn up a House of Commons motion warning: "new research demonstrates that the majority of whip strikes and breaches occur in the final stages of hotly contested races, even though evidence indicates whipping...
* That the accused has committed the offence deliberately and intentionally, he could be subjected to whipping punishment.
WriterSteve Thompson's razor-sharpplay Whipping It Up exposes the infamous workings of the Whips' Office.
Lightly whip the whipping cream and put to one side.
Simply pour heavy whipping cream into the container, add sweetener or flavoring syrup, screw on the head, charge, shake, and in a matter of seconds, you have great-tasting whipped cream.
Cream is an essential ingredient, ideally good heavy double or whipping cream.
Observers watch the race and judge if whipping is excessive.
The whipping of Richard Moore was in many ways an unexceptional event in the context of Reconstruction.
With its innovative whipping coil and special motor, the Latte-Whip takes only seconds to whip coffee, milk and even low-fat milk into a cloud of foam for a perfect cup of coffee.